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“Yul Moldauer is so enjoyable to watch because he’s very clean, precise, and smooth. Maybe not the highest difficulty, but some of the best execution.”

“On floor during tokyo, I want Dmitrii Lankin, Carlos yulo, artur dalayoan, manirque larduet, Alexander Shatilov, Artem Dolgopyat, Marian Drăgulescu, Lin Chaopan, Nikita Nagornyy, Yul Moldauer, Max Whitlock, Sam Mikulak, Kohei Uchimura, Kenzo Shirai, Ahmet Önder, Rayderley Zapata, Emil Soravuo, Giarnni Regini-Moran, and Donnell Whittenburg to medal. Can we have a 19 medal podium?”

“I really like Yul Moldaur”

“So many adopted gymnasts in the US, Simone, Morgan, Kara, yul Moldauer. Joke’s on their biological parents for failing them, they have become successful gymnasts and I am happy for them.”

The NBC Sports YouTube channel has some routines that weren’t aired/broadcasted on either NBC or the FIG international stream!

Suni’s beam is here with all her AA routines: (happy to see that she stayed on the beam and hit both acro series, especially the layout she’s been having trouble with)

Yul’s high bar and floor are here with all his AA routines: (he did the triple twisting layout dismount instead of his usual ftdlo off high bar and it was excellent!)

“Sad that Yul didn’t make the floor final. :(”

“Yul Moldauer appreciation post? He’s so pleasing to watch, seems like a great kid, and that hair! 😍”

“Yul and Sam are going to the Am cup again. Idk why the men’s team feels the need to send the same people like yul’s won twice and Sam has won before too. Like I feel like they should take a page from USA WAG and send different gymnasts (not just their most winning gymnasts) to give them experience, but I do see that MAG doesnt have as much depth as WAG but they really need to get more of their gymnasts more experience in my opinion”

Omg shirtless Yul and Oleg dancing at Worlds banquet 💀