“Sticks are nicer looking than lunges and harder to pull off and those people saying it’s too dangerous to not allow lunges are wrong. If you want to do well in a sport you have to take risks, at this rates leos are gonna have to be lined with bubble wrap”

“Why does Bulimar’s instagram bio say she’s a 2x olympic medalist? Did I miss something?”

Hi everyone

Just a reminder to read the regulations before sending a confession.

In particular: no confessions describing gymnasts as OCD, “spastic,” ADD, “schizo,” etc. 



“I find the (straddled) stadlers on bars so ugly”

“I feel like I’m in the minority in not minding cookie-cutter Russian bars routines, as long as they are done well. My favorite thing in a bars routine is when it looks completely effortless and smooth, almost like the gymnast is weightless.”

“On the real though why are we not hyping Kenzo Shirai enough? We get it Simone Biles can do a triple double tucked on floor. He can do one laid out. A 3.5 twisting yurchenko on vault. A 4.5 twist on floor, and he basically did Aliya Mustafina’s 2012 uneven bars routine and a Mustafina turn on floor. I think he is the most versatile gymnast ever in this sport.”

“Chuso’s 1996 Olympics floor was SO good. The music (Phantom of the Opera) with the choreography even down to her leo (matte black with lace sleeves) was perfect with her serious facial expressions and focus. Sooooo good.”

“Amelia Hundley appreciation post!”

“Trinity is literally flawless.”

“The year is 2050 Me: *still upset about Ragans world championship injury*”